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Please see the SWHS Student Handbook for transportation rules and regulations.

Bus Riders

SWHS/SWMS Transportation Bus Routes
Warren County Schools Transportation Website
Bus Transportation Change Email

  • Bus routes and schedules are determined by the Warren County Board of Education transportation department.  Questions regarding bus transportation can be answered by calling one of the following numbers:  (270) 842-8311    or   (270) 843-3703

  • Buses are part of the school grounds, and students are expected to follow the same rules and procedures outlined in this handbook.  Also, students who ride the bus must follow all rules and regulations provided by the transportation department in the district handbook.

  • Failure to adhere to the rules and procedures can result in immediate disciplinary measures, and bus riding privileges may be revoked.

  • Students must go directly into the school building after evacuating the bus.

  • Students should go directly to the bus upon release from school. 

  • If a student needs to ride a bus other than their assigned bus, he or she is required to turn in a parent/guardian permission note to the front office before riding a different bus.  The front office staff will verify the note by calling the parent/guardian.

Car Rider/Driver Directions 

Car Rider Morning Drop Off
Car Rider Afternoon Pickup
Afternoon Junior Parking Lot Dismissal
Afternoon Senior Parking Lot Dismissal

For car riders and student drivers with both a middle and high school student, follow South Warren Middle School's procedures below:

SWMS Car Rider Procedures